Starting Over: How Often Do You Replace Your Underwear?

It started simply enough. After a particularly grueling week at work I decided to indulge in a little retail therapy last Friday. My main mission was to find a new pair of boots. This winter has not been kind to my kicks so I've been trying to find a new pair of boots for more than a month. Alas, my boot expedition was not successful. I walked out of the shoe store feeling disappointment. What's the point of retail therapy if you don't buy anything?!

But wait - what's this? A few doors down from the shoe store sits a Nordstrom Rack. Perhaps all hope is not lost! I browsed around a bit before stumbling upon a display of Original Penguin brand underwear and t-shirts. Now, I'm a bit of an underwear hoarder. Or, rather, I used to be. My underwear drawer is full of boxer briefs with whimsical prints - mustaches and curly cues and whatnot. About a year ago I put myself on an undergarment buying freeze. I mean, really, how many pairs of underwear does one man need?

But standing there in front of the Original Penguin undies, I couldn't help myself. I snagged a package of black boxer briefs with white detailing on the button fly. Surely I can fit two more pair of underwear into my collection, I reasoned.

I wore the new undies for the first time on Monday. And that was it. I was a goner. I knew then and there that I simply had to go back to for more! These boxer briefs were not only flattering but they feel oh so good on. So last night I stopped after work and bought three more packages of the Original Penguin undies. After I had laundered the new lot, I started the process of trying to fit the new underwear into my already overstuffed drawer. I started sorting through my old undies. Some of them clearly had to go. The ones with the stretched waistbands or the fraying edges got thrown into a pile to become rags. Then, almost on a whim, I scooped up every last pair of underwear in the drawer and dumped them into the rag pile. "I'm starting over," I announced to my husband.

There's something magical about starting fresh - even if it's something as simple as replacing all your underwear. My life hasn't changed and work days are still grueling. But under my daily suit of armor I'm rocking new boxer briefs that make me feel good. And, really, if you don't celebrate the little things in life, you may never have any reason to celebrate at all!

Image: Captain Dapper

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