Four Ways to Wear Corduroy Blazers This Fall
A Menswear Roundup & Style Tutorial

When it come to fall fashion I have a particular weakness for corduroy blazers. As the temps start to drop in late September, I'm always excited to pull one of my corduroy jackets from the back of the closet and put it into rotation. It's like my unofficial fashion transition to autumn.

If you associate the corduroy jacket with professors, you're only a quarter of the way there. Corduroy blazers can be dressed up or dressed down. You can even dandify a corduroy jacket. Check out all four looks below.

Cord Combo #1: Professor Hot Stuff
Mix a basic blazer with on-trend camo for a fun casual look.

Cord Combo #2: Casual Sophisticate 
Layer the jacket over a bulky sweater for a cold fall day.

Cord Combo #3: Sunday Dandy
Sometimes you just need to go a little wild and let your dandy flag fly.

Cord Combo #4: Polished Lumberjack
This look is a little bit rustic and a little bit regal. Beard is optional.

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