9 Winter Boots That Will Keep You Warm AND Fashionable

Here in Chicago, like much of the rest of the US, we've been covered in snow since December. That has meant almost two months of slushy, sloppy streets and treacherous, icy sidewalks. What's a dapper dude to do when faced with such disgusting weather conditions? Throw on some weather-ready boots and make the best of it! Winter boots need not be ugly. These nine styles will keep you looking like your dapper self while keeping your feet warm and dry.

  1. Hunter Thurloe Lace-Up Boot from Mr. Porter ($150) Classic Wellingtons never go out of style. 
  2. Red Wing Rubber Soled Boot from Mr. Porter ($250) Likewise, you can never go wrong with Red Wings. 
  3. Kamik Icebreaker from Zappos ($51.99) The tall boots are ideal for those tall snow drifts. 
  4. Wynton Waterproof Boot from UGG ($240) I know, I know. I hear the word UGG and I think of college girls scuffing their ugly boots in the Pink sweatpants. But UGG actually makes some really handsome shoes too! 
  5. Neos Overshoe from Campmor ($120.99) The thing I that like most about Neos is that they slip over your regular shoes. That means you won't have to lug a second pair of shoes to the office with you. 
  6. Bean Boots in Special Edition Red from LL Bean ($99) Make a statement in the snow with these red boots. 
  7. Avenue Duck Boot from Sperry Top-Sider ($100) These boots are a fantastic way to add a little camouflage to your winter ensemble. (For more tips on wearing camo, check out See Yourself in the Camo Trend: 11 Ways to Wear Camouflage.) 
  8. Mad Mukluk Boot from Sorel ($220) I just like saying the word mukluk. 
  9. Gärde Stövel Vinter GTX from Tretorn ($130) When the temps drop below zero, lined boots like these are a Godsend.

Images: Credited above


  1. What's your take on the classic LL Bean boot?

    1. Love 'em! The kind of boot you can buy once and wear year after year.

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