Dapper Home: 9 Wing Back Chairs I'm Loving Right Now

Captain Dapper has always had a weakness for a good old fashioned wing back chair.

As I mentioned, we're seriously considering buying a country home. One of the most exciting things about that decision is the anticipation of having something to decorate. We've been in our current condo for seven years and in that time it has been decorated and re-decorated more times that I can count on one hand. And now I'm ready for a new space to outfit. I started daydreaming about buying new furniture for the house we haven't even bought yet. Specifically, I starting thinking about wing back chairs to sit by the fireplace. Because if we're going to buy a country home, it has to have a fireplace.

  • Deacon Accent Chair from JC Penney The thing I like about this chair is that it's a little smaller. Some wing backs are so large they're imposing. Plus, it's made in the USA and currently on sale. $495
  • Elliott Wingback Chair from World Market I love the bright color on this chair! And it's so affordable that I won't mind turning it into a DIY project if I tire of it down the road. $279
  • Study Wingback Chair from CB2 My favorite color! I have a weakness for comfy blue fabric chairs. This one seems very casual, which might be perfect for a country house. $749

Now that I've narrowed down my chair options, we just need to find the country house to put it in!

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