Jeans in the USA: 5 American Made Denim Brands
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Blue jeans are so quintessentially American ... and yet it can be difficult to find jeans that are actually American-made. Ah, but don't worry. All American hope is not lost. I dug around and found a few jeans that are manufactured domestically and they're stylish to boot.

1. Williamsburg Garment Company Designer Maurice Malone aims to make quality jeans that are moderately priced ... and still made in the US. Men's jeans are in the $120 range.

2. Levi's Slim Fit Made in the USA Jeans Many of Levi's jeans are made elsewhere but they do offer a small line of denim made in the States. The small collection includes 501's, 511's and 508's priced at around $120.

3. Bonobos In addition to offering khakis with a great fit, Bonobos also has some mighty handsome jeans - and they're all in made in Los Angeles. The brand originally started as on online-only shop but they've recently opened a few "Guideshops" to offer the option of trying on before buying. Jeans start at about $100.

4. Tellason Tony Patella & Pete Searson's jeans are as American as it gets. Not only are they manufactured in San Francisco, the fabric comes from a mill in Greensboro, North Carolina. The line of men's jeans are priced at $220.

5. Raleigh Denim Based in, you guessed it, Raleigh, North Carolina, Raleigh jeans are made the old fashioned way - by hand and using local materials. Check out their stockists page for locations. Pricing at Raleigh jeans is around $250 at Unionmade.

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