Shopping at Loomcraft, Best Upholstery Fabric Warehouse in Chicago
... Even Though It's Actually in Vernon Hills

You may be asking yourself why I decided to drive all the way out to Vernon Hills, Illinois to go to the mall when I could have chosen one much closer to the city. It was all part of my plan to kill two birds with one stone. Actually, I killed one bird and only maimed the other. Wait, this metaphor is starting to sound really gruesome. Anyway, I knew that if I drove to the mall in Vernon Hills I would be right around the corner from my favorite source for upholstery fabrics, Loomcraft.

I've finally sketched out a headboard design for our bedroom and it's going to involve some upholstery. For being a big, bustling city, Chicago is sadly lacking in fabric stores. Once all of the Hancock fabrics moved out of the city, it's been slim pickings. I had looked for textiles at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston but their selection is small and many of the affordable fabrics are ugly or stained or both. I had been waiting for an excuse to drive out the burbs to hit Loomcraft and yesterday's J. C. Penney excursion was just the ticket.

I've been coming to Loomcraft for years. Back when I was Mr. Zola Jones Designs, I frequently shopped there for rolls of fabric that I would turn into handbags. Not only is there an enormous selection of upholstery fabrics, much of it is incredibly affordable. The reason for the affordability is that this fabric, which is sent directly to the store from the mills, is overstock, slightly damaged or past season. They carry everything from patterned cottons to faux leathers, with a little bit of everything in between. If you're a DIYer, whether you're thinking of reupholstering a chair, making your own throw pillows, or, hey, starting a handbag line, this store is a must-see. They have row upon row of fabrics, loosely sorted by color. I walked around for about an hour yesterday before I finally selected two fabrics for the headboard. I'll only use one of the fabrics but it was so hard making a decision that I decided to bring both home.

Check it out: Loomcraft, 645 Lakeview Parkway, Vernon Hills, Illinois, 60061

Images: Jason Loper


  1. We will head out there on our next out of town trek!

  2. I have to go. ALso love that you are from Chicago! Another chicago blogger....hope to meet sometime.

    -Alecia with www.likesof.us

    1. Woot! Chicago bloggers in the house! This calls for a coffee meet up!

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