Dapper Home: A (Somewhat) Quick & (Almost) Easy Bedroom Makeover

Captain Dapper likes to rest in peace (and style).

My goal for the bedroom at Captain Dapper HQ was to make it a space that's at once relaxing, stylish and, perhaps most importantly, able to hold lots and lots of clothing. There's only one small closet in this room (on the wall opposite and out of sight of the camera) so I knew I would need to incorporate storage furniture into the design. I was already planning a storage bed but then I went one step further. I decided to fill an entire wall with the PAX Wardrobe from IKEA.

After years of stylish living, I'm fairly well versed in assembling IKEA furniture. The four sets of shells that would eventually become the wardrobe were super easy to put together. As I lined them all up against the wall I was feeling confident that the rest of the pieces would come together just as quickly. Ha! One look at the instructions for the doors that would complete the wardrobe and I quickly decided to leave them as-is for a couple of days while I started on the other big piece of furniture in the room - the MANDAL Bed frame, also from IKEA.

I was delighted to find that the bed was easy to assemble, though it was very time consuming. With the bed assembled and in position, I could start to see how the room was going to come together. It took almost an entire day to assemble and install the doors on the wardrobes. Again, I'm fairly familiar with IKEA instructions and assembly, but these doors were tricky. And heavy. But, once installed, they were totally worth it.

The frosted glass partially disguises what's stored inside the wardrobe while also keeping it feeling light. They also have a reflective quality to them which makes the room feel like and bright. I added some white boxes and a hamper inside the wardrobe to corral little things. This not only hides them from view through the doors, it also helps keep clutter to a minimum.

I haven't chosen a headboard yet. There's a matching MANDAL headboard but, with the bed frame and wardrobe, I feel like the bedroom is getting dangerously close to feeling like an IKEA showroom. For now, it's a blank, white slate. I'm tossing around a few ideas but nothing has stuck yet.

The most important thing, at least for the time being, is that everything nice and neatly in the room now. Most clothes fit in the wardrobe - shirts hang, pants folds, shoes line up neatly on the shelves - and what doesn't fit in the wardrobe goes into the drawers in the bed.

There are still many more finishing touches to come for this room. Stay tuned for more to come!

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